Ascot Overseas Nurses Recruitment

We recruit suitably qualified overseas nurses with the following professional registrations:
RGN's RMN's Midwives

AON Recruitment is a trading name of Taff & Sim Ltd registered in the UK, Company No. 12579404.

Why Choose Us

We are a young and growing business with a big vision, looking at expanding our organisation to become one of the UK's biggest and supplier in the niche market of recruitment of Overseas Nurses and Midwives.

Mission Statement

We have a huge passion for recruitment and a desire to exceed client expectations. We pride ourselves with our dedication to hard work and good ethics and the desire to be the best in the market.

Vision Statement

To provide an unparalleled experience as the best and most trusted supplier of Overseas Nurses and Midwives, by sourcing the best quality Nurses and Midwives for our Clients.

Ascot Overseas Nurses Recruitment

Our Clients in the UK

NHS Hospitals

Nursing Homes

Residential Care Homes

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Ascot Overseas Nurses Recruitment

Our organisation strives to help reduce staffing shortages for the NHS & Health Care providers in the UK.

Our business model is built on the ethos of understanding the staffing shortages of our clients.
We also value the concept of social contribution & responsibility to our nurses & the communities they live in.

Ascot Overseas Nurses Recruitment

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Our obligations to the Nurses

We have set out the following as our minimum obligations to the staff we recruit:

Our obligations to our Clients

We have set out the following as our minimum obligations to our clients:

AON Recruitment

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Ascot Overseas Nurses Recruitment

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